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India is a nation of people that Gamit tribal groups living in the area around the Tapi River, is located in the south of Tapi district of Gujarat state in western India. Tapi district Songadh, Vyara, Valod, ucchala taluka, and found more of the population nomads gamit Valia Taluka of Surat Mandvi, Mangrol, umarapada and Bharuch districts. Agile and sturdy body with the tribespeople main occupation is agriculture, animal husbandry and Naglee They khetamajuri, sorghum, corn, rice, pigeon pea, black as well as vegetable crops khetikare. These people eat food with Naglee bread, corn bread, bread, rice, sorghum bread and black rice, pigeon pea or lentil valani. There are also people comfortably consume the chilli sauce with onion bread. Has worn a dhoti and turban turban and wear a hat on the head at any time in recent times come to heravesa observe rare. Gamit race people are fond of festive feasts. Especially varasama Cereals Printable version does go on strike after the grain harvest kansarimatana Devsthan days at a time. This is paphela cattle and chickens, goats Pets years jayache be together with people from the village to mijhabani gift of God Worship herd. Taparu their traditional instruments, cymbals, drums can be very large. The wedding that are played any festival. Drums are said to mimic the different talane. These measures vary mimic different types of dance are filled lainabandha. This is no longer the same men and women dancing together. Gamit favorite breed of traditional dance rodali gamit species different from the traditional dialect of its own, known as the bid gamit.

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